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vienna Michaelsen
Licensed Professional


I believe everything is connected: our hearts - our minds - our bodies - our emotions - our spirits - our souls.

I take a (w)holistic approach that looks at it all, in order to restore balance where there is none.

Because sometimes, it’s not all “just in your head”.

I work with individuals/couples wanting to work through generational or occupational trauma causing issues in day-to-day life.


Generational trauma extends from one generation to the next through epigenetics. The great news is that this also means that you have the ability to flip the switch through “reverse-epigenetics”. This process happens through therapy: Taking an account of your mental health, focusing on making mindful choices, monitoring change, and creating sustainable systems so you can deactivate the trauma gene responses and activate better ones. If you feel like much of your mental health has been out of your hands or inherited; or you’re an immigrant, first gen, suffered abuse, relocated, or have lost, you may be suffering from generational trauma.

Occupational trauma, on the other hand, occurs at work directly to you or vicariously through those you help. This is common for first responders, firefighters, police, medics, nurses, teachers, military, or churches where employees are exposed to traumatic stories and experiences. This can also come from workplace accidents or unhealthy work environments. Working through the pain, trauma, and undoing its negative effects can be done in a safe place such as therapy. For those whose occupations encounter constant or recurring trauma, therapy is absolutely necessary and detrimental to your professional and personal life.

Whoever and wherever you are on your therapeutic journey, there is support available.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor 

  • TExES Music EC-12

  • MA in Counseling     

         Amberton University - Dallas, TX 

  • BS in Music Education                                         San Jose State University  San Jose, CA

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