vienna Michaelsen
Associate/Graduate Intern

Graduate Student at Amberton University

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     I love the human mind, emotions, and body! My journey to becoming a counselor began when my mind disconnected from my body, leaving it unable to process and regulate emotions. After years of self-work in this area and learning how to better align my mind with my body, I’ve grown a deep passion for helping others reach a level of congruency and wholeness. I’ve personally received and walked out healing in areas I once held trauma, so I know it is available for you, too!


     I earned my BA in Music Education in San Jose, CA. I have had the honor of teaching and working with adolescents and adults in the area of music, creating and perfecting along the way. I am currently obtaining my MA in Professional Counseling at Amberton University in Dallas, TX. Much of my work has been focused on life transitions for teens and adults. 


     I believe each person can achieve wholeness, and that balance is the key to mental, physical, and emotional health.  Honor and compassion are core values of mine. I believe treatment plans should be coordinated on an individual basis (tailored to you and your situation) to empower you to  recognize and develop your strengths and abilities so you can live an independent and fulfilling life. 

  • Working towards Masters in Counseling

  • (Student) MA Professional Counseling     Amberton University - Dallas, TX 

  • BS Music Education                                            San Jose State University  San Jose, CA