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vienna Michaelsen
Licensed Professional
Counselor Associate


I am passionate about a lot of things… Because of that, I am empathetic toward a lot of things! Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, what I do, and what I love. Whether we embark on it together or not, I hope that your therapeutic journey toward healing and wholeness is filled with lots of love, peace, and joy. Contact me at the REQUEST APPOINTMENT button above or keep scrolling to learn more about me and who I work with.


I am a daughter, wife, mother, lover, fighter, teacher, and counselor. I graduated in 2008, 2014, and 2020, you can do the math! I believe everything is connected - our hearts - our minds - our bodies - our emotions - our spirits - our souls. I take a (w)holistic approach that looks at it all, in order to restore balance where there is none. Don’t be surprised when unconventional homework is assigned. Sometimes, it’s not all “just in your head”.



I am part of a first-responder family. I know the emotional toll your career takes on your family. I’ve seen the emotional toll you suffer to do what you do. So, first of all - THANK YOU. Being first to arrive or respond to emergency is not a job you’ve taken lightly. Maybe you’re just starting, maybe you’re still in your academy and you don’t even know if you’ll make it. Maybe you’re just getting started and the harsh reality of death, violence, destruction, and pain are hitting you in a way you never planned for. Or… You’re the seasoned one everyone looks up to: chief, lieutenant, captain… Your career is etched into your identity and you don’t know who you are without it. Maybe your family says you’re “jaded” because  your jokes are dark (little do they know that joking is how you cope with the darkness). Maybe you try and share work stories, but you get hushed with “that’s gross, don’t talk about that now” or “that’s too heavy”. Wherever and whoever you are - there is support for you. I am here to help people who help people. You can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself. You need to be in tip top shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. 



I am a former teacher. From about 17 years old until I started grad school, I knew that I knew that I knew that I was meant to be a teacher. I absolutely love students and all things “school”. We know so much about child and adolescent psychology, and I always start at *NO FRONTAL LOBE* which means the poor decisions and inability to discern whether a situation is safe or not is “not their fault”. I help students develop skills needed to habitually make good decisions, learn to think outside themselves, and enjoy the current season. I also love to guide parents in navigating this crazy roller coaster. It’s never too late to pivot and begin to (re)develop the healthy, sweet, strong bond with your child that you wish or thought you’d have. I believe parents are still the primary and best teachers/influencers in their child’s life. I realized this as a new teacher, accidentally starting to parent my students… That’s not how it should work. Parents are in perfectly powerful positions to teach, love, and pour into children. I love this avenue because it can look like therapy for your child, therapy for you and your child, or therapy for you, specifically focusing on how to become the parent you’ve always wanted to be. You just need a little support :)



I am a first-generation, daughter to immigrant parents. My parents immigrated here in the 80’s. I've seen too many families ripped apart because no one felt heard, understood, or valued. Therapy is a safe space for you to share your story of immigration or growing up in a household focused on it, judgement free, where we can celebrate and be grateful for sacrifices made by or for you. I grew up ebbing and flowing between ideas like “model minority”, “coconut”, too American for one set, not American enough for another… In my own journey of healing and wholeness, I’ve settled in a place where I fully and deeply love my bloodline culture while also trying to embrace the melting pot of America. Often times, cultural trauma, or even religious trauma masked as cultural, gets swept under the rug because one “has it so good here” or you’ve been told “we didn’t do that growing up” or “it’s not like that back home”. Whatever excuse to shove your feelings was given to you - it’s okay to stop, to feel the feelings, to deal with them, and then heal from them. It’s the only way you can truly have a deep and valuable relationship with family and culture, blood or not blood, without resentment, anger, or fear. You are who you are partially because of the tree you fell from; and it’s okay if the apple falls close by and rolls far, far away. You get to choose your destiny. I love helping clients navigate holding on to the helpful, positive, and life-bringing cultural/family traditions while letting the others die with the last gen. You are not your family; and you can honor them, your family’s legacy and/or yourself by simply being the best you, you can be.


& LASTLY... YOU —- Yeah, YOU! (If you think I mean you, I do!)

I am a high-capacity, driven, excited, excitable, and motivated person. Oh, you too? Well, people like us need special support. Maybe your family is accustomed to a certain lifestyle and slowing down is not possible, maybe you enjoy feeling needed and accomplished, maybe you don’t know any better or feel that “doing” is where you get your deepest meaning and fulfillment in life. All of that is true, valid, and okay! I’m here for those who are interested in looking at other options like simply "being" and learning to work from a place of rest—-instead of having to rest from work. One of my favorite books Rhythms of Renewal says, "We are restless when we rest less. We weren’t created for this nonstop pace. We were designed in God’s image, and even God himself rested.” In therapy, we focus on prioritizing your own unique rhythm of rest by taking inventory of your life - taking a deeper look at what is working and what is not; all while silencing some of the noise that surrounds you… To reacquaint yourself with silence and to learn to be comfortable with yourself, your thoughts, dreams, failures, desires… And doing the heart/hard work of healing things you’ve stuffed down for way too long.


A problem is not a problem unless it causes a problem.

-My therapist

You wouldn’t be looking for therapy if something in your life was not causing a problem.

PLEASE reach out to me today - let’s get you the support you need!

text or call 737.235.8532 | email | request an appointment above

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

  • TExES Music EC-12

  • MA in Counseling     

         Amberton University - Dallas, TX 

  • BS in Music Education                                         San Jose State University  San Jose, CA

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