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Spiritual Director
Meditation Teacher


     I’m an author, meditation teacher, and spiritual director. For over ten years I’ve worked with people from a wide variety of spiritual and religious traditions to help them access and embody their own source of wisdom and compassion. I believe that we each have the capacity to “wake up” and live—not from the ordinary, stressed out, busy mind—but from our own deep knowing . . . from that still, quiet voice that lies within.

     I first experienced this still, quiet voice as a child and grew up to study meditation with teachers from both Eastern and Western traditions. Inspired by my own early experiences, I’m the author of two children’s books, The Lost Track of Time and Why Am I Me?

     I have a graduate degree in theology and am certified as a spiritual director. I’ve been on staff at an inter-spiritual retreat center, worked as a meditation instructor at an addiction recovery center, taught college-level courses on creativity and spirituality, and served as a hospital chaplain.

     I currently have a private practice working with individuals, leading groups, and teaching retreats on how to wake up and grow up in the midst of ordinary life and its challenges. Areas of interest and ongoing study include Internal Family Systems, The Right Use of Power, Traditional Mindfulness, and Nondual Mindfulness.

     Whether I’m writing or teaching, I encourage people (young and old) to live with both an open mind and an open heart.

  • Certificate of Spiritual Direction

  • Clinical Pastoral Education, Chaplain Residency
    Scott and White Hospital, TX

  • MA in Theology

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