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Emily k Kipp-Wright
Licensed P
rofessional Counselor


     My journey to becoming a counselor began at a young age. I was seven years old when my Dad was transferred back to Houston from Chicago and began a new school. I will never forget that feeling of walking into a classroom of twenty five kids, all eyes on me. What on Earth did my Mom make me wear? Was my hair sticking up? Feeling my face get hot, my heart beginning to beat faster, and wanting to run away as fast as I could. After enduring that, I never wanted anyone else to have to experience those feelings. From that day, I found myself on a path to mend and support others.

     I received my B.S. in Psychology and minor in Art from Southwestern University in Georgetown, and my M.A. in Counseling from St. Edward’s University. I have had the honor of taking classes, trainings, and are supported by masterful professors, brilliant colleagues, and my wonderful community. Most of my work has been focused on life transitions, mood disorders, teens, adults,
couples, and families.


     I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, clinics, and within agencies. I have worked beside clients experiencing their first psychotic break, battling severe mental illness, suicidal thoughts, past trauma, depression, panic attacks, new relationships, separations, and divorce, loss, conflicts, and life transitions. I have completed Gottman Level 1 and 2 trainings (which is used for couples) and I have studied other modalities that I use when working with clients.

     I believe that each client is the expert on their life story and I am honored to be asked to join them on their journey, even if it’s just for a short time. My approach is collaborative and I am open to trying new things and exploring different options so that my clients feel fully supported by me in the therapy process. I hope that I can share something new with my clients even if it’s just a
different perspective and look forward to learning something new from them.


  • Licensed Professional Counselor 

  • Trained in Suicide Assessment

  • Trained in Crisis and Trauma Therapy

  • MA in Counseling
    St. Edwards University - Austin, TX

  • BS in Psychology, Art Minor
    Southwestern University - Georgetown, TX

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