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     Oh how life is a journey! Many roads and turns to choose from and ultimately intersections where a helping hand is needed. I would like to provide support as you navigate through your journey while embracing your strengths. Counseling has always felt like a natural passion for me. Since a young teenager until now as a supported wife and mother , I have been the listener for people who wanted to express themselves but had no outlet to do so. I was the helping hand in their life journey. There is no better feeling than hearing a person say “I did it, I accomplished my goal!” Coming from a goal chaser myself I understand it is our strengths and faith that leads us to accomplishing our goals.

     I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Upper Iowa University. I am a recent graduate completing my Master’s of Science in Psychology at Upper Iowa University Masters of Counseling Graduate Program.

     My services are offered for adolescents and adults faced with life transitions, anxiety, depression and stress management. I also have experience with crisis situations while working as a domestic violence advocate. While on life’s journey you deserve the best version of you. Allow me to support you while discovering the best version of you.

  • BS in Psychology     
    Upper Iowa University, Fayette, IA

  • MS in Counseling 

       Upper Iowa University, Fayette, IA

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