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Owner & Practitioner
at Balancing Self


From a very early age I have been interested in helping others. I watched my grandmother gather from the garden creating things that made us well and through the power of touch helped us to feel better. I learned from her just how valuable the power of touch was and still is today. 


Throughout a 40 year career in healthcare management, I saw a need for "something more". Yearning to help in a different way, I found myself opening the doors of Balancing Self. At Balancing Self, we look for the alternatives to help our bodies help themselves. We do this through PEMF, Red Light, Reiki, BrainTap and Vibro Acoustic sessions. We look for the natural and holistic ways to feel better. We can help clients manage pain, balance mood stability, skin irritations and so much more. 


Through all my certifications, I like to be looked upon as a helper. One who assists you, the client, in discovering and owning the path that was created by you. The one you were meant for. 

  • ​1994 Business Management

  • 2010 Professional Life Coach

  • 2012 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

  • 2017 Meditation Teacher

  • 2017 Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner

  • 2018 Reiki Master

  • 2021 Synergistic Body Sculpting

  • 2022 Graduate Marketing Studies

  • 2023 Licensed Partner - BrainTap

  • 2023 Red Light
  • Business Administration

​        Miami Dade University, Miami, FL

  • MS Psychology

        California Coast University, Santa Ana, CA

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