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Graduate Student


     I have a genuine interest in helping others, which is what motivated me to obtain my MSW degree.

     I have a background in working in memory care and hospice settings where I helped clients and their family members address topics like caregiver burnout, care planning, building support systems, improving coping skills, crisis intervention, and grief and loss. I realize the major life changes that a complex medical diagnosis brings to not only the individual, but their entire support system.


     Caregiver burnout is a special passion of mine as I recognize the importance of caring for the caregiver so the whole ship doesn’t sink, so to speak. Grief and loss are also important topics to me as I believe loss, and the grief that comes with it, is complicated and no one should feel like they need to “get over it and move on” from a loss they are experiencing. Loss can encompass many different things: the loss of a pet, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job.


     I am here to listen, understand, and help you through this time in a judgment free zone.

  • BS in Political Science
    Montana State University, MT

  • MA in Social Work - Class of 2023
    Walden University, MN

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