Licensed Massage Therapist


          Ashley D. Pettipiece is an advanced level John Barnes trained myofascial release practitioner. With 15 years experience specializing in myofascial therapy she has been honored with serving the Georgetown and surrounding communities. Attaining her start at Hands On Physical Therapy in Round Rock, she has taken her training and experience there and ventured out on her own. In January of 2017 she established AP Healing. A practice dedicated to providing hands on care in a non-traditional, holistic, and individualized manner. 

          Now in her third year owning and operating AP Healing, Ashley has teamed up with Emily Kipp-Wright owner of Anchored Wellness Center. Through a serendipitous collaboration she is excited to be a part of a wellness center devoted to improving the health of the community in ways that go beyond physical aspects. 

          Other modalities integrated into her practice include: cranio-sacral therapy, pelvic floor education and training, cupping, and kinesio taping. She combines these modalities along with biomechanical and postural retraining and a customized home exercise program. Ashley believes in a whole body approach to restoring and maintaining health and strives to achieve this with her clients. AP Healing is goal oriented and focuses on helping people achieve a higher level of function and wellbeing so they can get back to doing what they enjoy most. By educating her clients along their therapy process, Ashley's ultimate goal is to empower her clients with an improved sense of body awareness and help them return to an independent lifestyle full of ease and joy.  

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
    Certified - Georgetown, TX